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Fees for 2022

Standard membership: £20
Supported membership: £10 for those facing financial hardship

Methods of Payment

Direct Debit – The preferred choice for efficiency

Direct debit is the most cost/time effective way of paying your membership year on year as it removes the need for us to send reminder letters and emails. We will let you know the membership fee by email and when it is due. You are able to change or cancel that at any time, just as you can with other Direct Debits you may have. It is really so easy and SATA uses GoCardless, the online Direct Debit provider.

The current rates are Normal £20 or Supported £10. A donation can be added if you wish. You have complete control. Advise SATA how much you wish to pay by entering the sum in the box in the form below, then click the send button. An email will be sent to us.

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    Amount I wish to pay

    Then, click on this link to the SATA GoCardless Direct Debit page which you can fill in and submit.

    SATA Direct Debit

    SATA Direct Debit

    If subscriptions change in the future you will be notified by email well in advance, giving you the opportunity to change the amount. You are free to cancel the mandate at any time if you want to. If  you would like pay via this method and need more information, please contact us by email at:

    (B) Pay On-Line using a Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal

    Click on this link to take you to the shopping cart. You will then be able to pay us via PayPal with either a Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account

    Pay On-Line

    (C) Pay by Post using a Cheque or Postal Order

    You can fill in the Membership Form and send it to us with a Cheque or Postal Order made payable to “Sleep Apnoea Trust.” The form clearly states the available options for you to choose from.

    Membership Form

    (D) Pay using your own On-Line Banking

    If you wish to use your own On-Line Banking our bank details are below
    Sort Code: 60 11 01
    Account name: Sleep Apnoea Trust
    Account number: 24720755

    Please include your name and postcode when you send a payment, so that we can identify it on our bank statement.

    Gift Aid

    Are you registered for Gift Aid? When you joined you could have registered or perhaps not, depending upon your circumstances. If you are a UK tax payer, you can register for Gift Aid and this allows the government to pay us 25p for every pound you donate! This is an important boost to the income we receive from you. To register, fill in the details as if you were joining in the table below, click submit and you will be registered.

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      Telephone Number


      Please register me for Gift Aid

      Then an email will come to with a copy of the above.

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