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Over the past few years it has occasionally been necessary for SATA to remind some CCGs of the legal requirements of NICE Technology Appraisal 139 March 2008 (TA139). We reference here the legal documents that will help Commissioners to ensure that, in spite of budget pressures, NICE TA 139 is a statutory, legally mandated by Parliament and funded service and cannot be subject to any interference whatsoever, either financial or process.

NICE Technology Appraisal – NICE TA 139

Statutory Instrument = Legal Status

NICE Technology Appraisals are mandated by Statutory Instrument no 259 (2013). This means it is a legal requirement as defined in the guidance.

NICE Compliance FAQs

If Commissioners have any other queries regarding any aspect of the current guidance requirements of NIICE TA139, SATA is always available for discussion.

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