What is Sleep Apnoea?

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  This is the sound of a person with sleep apnoea

You stop breathing frequently when you are asleep. It happens many times every hour.
But you do not hear yourself.
However, your partner your family and even your neighbours do hear you.
They wait in anticipation for you to start breathing again.
Your sleep is unrefreshing and you will wake up still feeling tired.
Those hearing you may not get any sleep at all.
Is it dangerous? – IT CAN BE
Should you get it treated? – YES

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DVLA announces change in the law to enable more healthcare professionals to complete DVLA medical questionnaires

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Updated 4th November 2022


Driving & Sleep Apnoea

What is Sleep Apnoea?

On the 15th October 2022, SATA held its third annual sleep apnoea patients conference online as a virtual event for its members and NHS staff. While Travel was the main feature, covering all aspects from healthcare to the practical aspects that need taking into account when on the move, the R&D section covered the latest attempts to find alternatives to CPAP therapy. The Q&A session was wide ranging and covered many areas of concern, from CPAP shortages to increased risks of dementia and cancer. This Restless Leg Syndrome (also known as Periodic Limb Movement) was of concern and delegates were directed towards the new section in the Q&As on our website under the Patient Information heading. Members will soon be able to view the Conference recording in the Member’s Area of the website. If you are not a member and wish to see it then click here to join.

Coming soon in the Members area. If you are not a member and wish to see it then click here to join.

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